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Hat FAQ’s

How do I handle a Hat

Try not to handle a hat by the crown; always try to pick up a hat by the edge of the brim with clean, dry hands. Once on the head put into position by adjusting from the crown rather than from the brim. Do not get your hat wet, if it does get wet, let it dry naturally; do not force dry it.

How do I store a Hat

Hat boxes are a great way to keep a hat free of dust and away from the bleaching effect of the sun’s rays. Either set the hat on its crown, filled with alkaline tissue paper or use enough tissue so that the weight of the hat is not on the brim. Store bows by stuffing tissue in the bows and place in hat box with lid. Prop feathers up with tissue paper gently supporting them. Veilings need to have tissue to support them in proper shape while storing. Other decorative embellishments may need to be covered in tissue to keep them from staining the hat. Do not leave your hat in the car or in the sun as the humidity may cause it to lose shape, shrink or distort. Hats of any material may be sensitive to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight causing colours to fade.

How do I clean a Hat?

Brush felt and straw hats regularly with a soft bristle brush, going with the nap of the felt. Use sticky tape to remove lint and dust from fur and felt hats. Do not dry clean or wet clean your hat.

How should I wear my hat?

That depends on the type of hat it is, you face shape and your outfit. Try different positions until you feel comfortable including straight and slightly slanted to one side. However, never wear your hat on the back of your head this can be very unflattering.

How can I be confident in my hat?

If you don’t feel confident wearing a large hat then choose a smaller headpiece or fascinator. Often if you are comfortable in a design you are likely to be more daring the next time you need a hat or headpiece.

What colour hat should I go for so it looks good with my outfit?

This depends on the outfit but often a lighter or alternative shade of your outfit will go better. Alternatively, if your outfit has more than one colour choose the highlight colour for your headpiece or hat.

dual_sinemay_twist_headpiecWhat is a fascinator / headpiece?

A fascinator or headpiece usually doesn’t have a head size but it is secured using elastic, hairband or comb. Often fascinators are made from feathers and usually appear on one side of the head. A headpiece is often more involved than a fascinator and maybe larger and sit on the head to make a statement.

How can I make sure my fascinator / headpiece is secure in my hair?

If you have fine hair you may find it hard to keep fascinators/ headpieces in your hair with just a comb. A top tip is to before you put the fascinator in twist a piece of hair where it will eventually sit and cross two kirkby grips over each other and secure the comb on top of this.

What do I do if my hat is too big?

All hire hats are sent out with hat paddings which can be inserted in the inner headband if your hat is too big. If you are ordering a couture piece then your headsize will have been measured and your hat will fit perfectly.

How do I measure my head to get the right head size?

To measure your head, run a tape measure or length of string round the fullest part of your forehead about 1/8″ above your ear, where a hat would naturally fit, measuring in either inches or centimetres.

One thing to keep in mind is that women’s hat sizes are somewhat generic due to variations in both hat and hair styles. If you are unsure about any of our hat sizes please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

What is bespoke Millinery?

Bespoke Millinery is where a hat is made to order to your specific requirements including your head size, colour, and design preference.