Each week a small brief will be set and delivered through a group tutorial the following week, these briefs guide students through the process of historical, contextual, primary and secondary research.

Students will then choose a theme for their collection and through 2D and 3D sketchbooks their inspiration will be researched and explored.

Following this, tutorials on presentation and workshops on illustration/drawing millinery will enable students to put ideas to paper and start to realise a collection.

The final stages of the course will support students through creating a strong and cohesive collection based on thorough research and development of their inspiration.

Time Commitment
Individual work per week (inclusive of optional Tuesday pm) – 2-5 hours per week depending on your availability

Approx Timetable for each session (UK Time)
9.30am – 11pm  – Review of Previous Weeks Topic through sharing and discussion
11.15am – 1pm – New Topic introduction/Lecture/Presentation
2pm – 4pm – Individual Tutorial/Group Work/Practice/Execution of tasks (optional)

Individual Attention
Numbers will be limited to 10 students in order to ensure plenty of interaction within the class and 1-2-1 support.

The investment in this module is £825 for the 10 weeks, instruction/tuition will be recorded should you need to miss a week but we hope that students can make the majority of the sessions.
A non refundable deposit of £350 is required to secure you place, with the balance due at the start of the course. (Please note any offers do not apply to the modular courses)

Is this Course for You?

Do you feel you have the practical skills to create millinery but struggle to come up with unique designs?
Do you want to move from just making to actual designing?
Do you want to feel confident to create designs from a rich source of inspiration?
Do you want to inject originality into your millinery and find your own unique aesthetic?
Do you want to learn how to illustrate your ideas, refine them and choose the strongest designs to appeal to your customers?
Do you want to learn how to share your ideas with your clients, to leverage your work on social media and to build confidence?

Here at Jenny Roberts Millinery, we can help you with this challenge.  On our unique ‘Research, Design and Collection Creation’ Module Course, we will guide you over the 10 Week programme through the steps to create your own collections.

You will cover the following within our comprehensive course

  • Source inspiration from the history of fashion and historic designers
  • Interpret fashion trends and colour predictions.
  • research a theme and build a unique cohesive collection around it
  • create a sketchbook of unique ideas and learn how to create 3D ideas
  • create a colour palette through the study of colour theory
  • Build confidence in illustrating your ideas and learn drawing techniques
  • How to professionally present your finished collection

You will leave with the tools, skills, and ability to create your own unique collections.

Moving you into the next level of millinery, whether you are a beginner or an established maker.

Find out more
If you have questions or would like to explore joining with course, please get in touch
We are happy to schedule a call with you to explore if this course is right for you at this time

Other Modules
January 2021 will see the launch of our second Millinery Module: The Business of Millinery; Planning, Marketing and PR.
Students do not have to have completed ‘Research, Design & Collection Creation’ to join this module but priority will be given to those having completed it.


The Research and Design Module is ‘outstanding’.

I’m not from a creative background but I love doing all things ‘crafty’ and am fascinated with the fashion industry.  Over the last 3 years I’ve attended numerous fashion based modules hosted at internationally renowned fashion colleges to try and increase my understanding of the fashion world so I feel I have a good overall understanding and experience of the types of courses available within the UK.

Jenny and Marie are known for their quality teaching and provide a very nurturing environment. I jumped at the opportunity to complete the  Research and Design Module through the Jenny Roberts School of Millinery.

Not only does it offer value for money, exceptional content and a high level of tutorial support; the course is well planned and  organised, with the opportunity to share your progress in a positive environment.

The idea of creating a collection of hats filled me with dread but after completing the Research and Design Module and following the steps presented each week my confidence has grown & I feel more than able to create a seasonal collection of hats.

The strength of the course lies in the fact that the content is not diluted by the need for academic writing and focuses purely on the objective of developing each student’s understanding of the process behind the development of a collection.

Delivered in bite size pieces the weekly tutorials avoid you being overwhelmed.  Colour theory, drawing skills, Trend predictions and idea generation are all explored.

For anyone considering developing a millinery business, this course is an absolute must.



I recently completed the ten week millinery module with Jenny and Marie. The whole experiencing was more than I could have hoped for. I had no confidence at the start but Jenny and Marie gently guide you through the whole process of designing your own collection. They were endlessly patient and encouraging and the camaraderie and support of the other students was fantastic as well so you never felt as though you were working in a vacuum. Having a set amount of time in which to produce each week’s work, whether it was looking at the history of hats or starting to produce our sketchbooks, was very helpful as it’s so easy to put things off and a deadline really helps to give you a push. There was never any pressure to complete the work but I always wanted to!  

I would completely recommend any budding milliner to do this course. The thought that I would ever be able to produce a complete and original collection was entirely alien to me at the start but I think we were all amazed at what we were able to achieve by the end. We were all sad when it finished!  I can’t recommend this course highly enough.



I’m thrilled to say I have just completed a 10 week course with Jenny Roberts Millinery entitled: 

Research, Design and Collection Creation.

It is an amazing course on which I have learnt a huge amount. I’ve been given direction, tips and skills to produce work from my own ideas. A position I could never imagine. 

I love to make hats and have followed instruction with delight and pride to create a piece of millinery as much like the demonstration piece as I possibly could. But to imagine, design and actually create a piece from your own inspiration is the most fabulous feeling.

Jenny and Marie have encouraged, instructed and nursed me through the diverse stages of the process with empathy, positivity and friendship. I am delighted to have reach the goal and pretty proud of myself too.

Thank you both so much



For anyone who wants to learn millinery, whether you are a complete beginner or looking to advance and develop your skills, Jenny and Marie are a dream come true. I cannot praise them enough, the breadth of my knowledge and capabilities have expanded beyond what I ever thought possible. When learning with them, Jenny and Marie welcome you warmly into a calm and friendly atmosphere where you can learn at your own pace. The classes cover a huge range of materials, techniques and interests, with the opportunity to further your knowledge of millinery theory as well as your practical skills.  I have taken almost every course that Jenny has offered, including the module in research and design and I’m looking forward to taking the module in business in the new year.

You will meet fellow hat enthusiasts on every course and being taught over Zoom is just fantastic, you miss out on nothing at all being taught in this way. Jenny and Marie are extraordinarily talented milliners and marvellous teachers and I cannot recommend them enough.



The Millinery Module:Research, Design and Collection Creation is a fabulous 10 week online course run by Jenny and Marie. The weekly presentations are always interesting and the small class size makes for a very inclusive environment and it’s fascinating and stimulating to listen to everyone else’s ideas. I feel much more confident now about researching and creating my own unique designs and Jenny and Marie are both very supportive. It has been great fun as well as being useful and informative and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is considering signing up.