The course will involve:

  • Learning how to block Parisisal and its foundation materials using traditional techniques of steaming and pinning over a vast choice of wooden blocks.
  • A tutorial in how to create a Parisisal brim.
  • Learning how to wire and line the inside with a petersham ribbon.
  • Exploring various Parisisal trimming techniques including loops, swirls, curls and how to hand roll the edges of your Parisisal.
  • A tutorial on balancing trim positionings.
  • Learning how to professionally finish your hat and how to attach an appropriate head fitting.

You will need 

Parisisal Capeline
A Button Block
1-2 metres of sinamay
1 metre of matching petersham
1 metre of brim reed

You will leave with:

  • A Parisisal headpiece and have acquired skills to make more.
  • Confidence in working with this inspiring material.
  • Information on suppliers and materials.

To see more photos of our students work on this course, please link to the following facebook page

Course Dates

Thursday 17th & Friday 18th September 2020


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