The course will involve:

  • Creating a free form base from buckram and foundation fabrics.
  • Covering the foundation in your choice of silk/fabric/lace.
  • Wiring guipure lace to incorporate onto your headpiece.
  • Using a variety of beads you will learn how to embellish your headpiece.
  • Attaching veiling including the creation of a bird cage veil.
  • Creation of simple silk flowers to trim and finish your piece.
  • Exploring how to position your trims for maximum impact and balance.
  • Finishing your headpiece with the appropriate head fittings.

You will need:

  • Guipure lace – 1/2 metre


Or please source similar from a fabric supplier

  • Covering fabric for base could be silk or velvet .5 metre or scraps
  • Off cuts of other fabrics you love this could be finer lace, velvet etc
  • Off cuts of a lighter chiffon type fabric
  • Stiffener 3-1 PVA mix. Needs to be fairly stiff
  • Hairspray 
  • Veiling up to 2 metres this could be any type of veiling and may be vintage, you can find a good supply of vintage veiling here
  • Selection of beads 
  • Delicate veiling 
  • 1-2 hair bands (may need a second hair band because of weight)
  • 22 gauge paper covered wire (a whole pack)
  • Sharpie colour of lace
  • Double sided buckram 1/2 metre
  • Ice wool available from Whaleys – happy to provide if you can’t find this £8 including standard mailing to UK – (please let me know if you are outside the Uk and we will help you source an alternative)
  • Narrow petersham .5 inch wide – a appropriate colour to blend in
  • Broken jewellery you love, beads or any other vintage style trinkets you want to include.
  • Cotton covered bendable wire
  • 1/4 metre of man made fibre we can use for creating flowers using a burning technique ideally a man made chiffon or organza


  • Polystrene dolly head covered in clingfilm – to be used as a block 
  • Hairdryer
  • Steamer and iron
  • Blocking pin 
  • Sewing kit and tape measure
  • Sharpie or marker the same colour as you lace

You will leave with:

  • A unique vintage inspired headpiece.
  • The knowledge to create vintage inspired trimmings.
  • Information on suppliers and materials.

To see more photos of our students work on this course, please link to the following facebook page

Course Dates

Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd November 2020