About your Tutor

Jenny Roberts is one of the North’s leading milliners. Recognised for her couture brand, she has been creating beautifully crafted pieces for her clients for over 15 years.  Over the last 9 years she has gained an international reputation for the Millinery School, teaching to the highest standard for hobby and professional milliners.

Offering a variety of classes from her Harrogate based School Jenny is thrilled to be offering this course.

The course will involve:

Learning how to create a feather spiral
How to cut feathers in different ways
How to create the Feather mount using 2 different techniques
Learning how to sew the mount to your design

Level – Any

The type of feathers can be flexible because the techniques work with all you just get a very different look.  I suggest you have at least half of the feathers with a study shaft i.e. a goose or pheasant as this will give you a lovely effect for one of the mounts the other set of feathers can be your choice.  In terms of quantity the more feathers the fuller the mount the less the more delicate, totally your choice.

You will need:

30 – 50 feathers or more with study shafts (spines)

A small circle approx 2 inches across of either felt or 3 ply sinamay or thick fabric

Small pieces a couple of inches of bendy cotton covered millinery wire or any kind of bendy wire will suffice

Lightweight Air Dry Modelling Clay, similar to the following


UHU or similar glue


Hot Glue Gun

Sharp scissors

Tray to cut in to

Bowl of cold water

You will leave with:

  • 1 or 2 feather spirals using the 2 techniques
Course Dates

Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th October 2020