About the Tutors

Jenny Roberts is one of the North’s leading milliners. Recognised for her couture brand, she has been creating beautifully crafted pieces for her clients for over 15 years.  Over the last 7 years, along with her co-tutor Marie Halewood, they have gained an international reputation for their Millinery School, teaching to the highest standard for hobby and professional milliners.

Offering a variety of classes from their Harrogate based School Jenny and Marie are thrilled to share their skills via virual workshops.

You will need 

  • .75 metre of Silk Abaca
  • Thick PVA glue (SOBO from Amazon is good)
  • 1 pack 22 Gauge white paper covered wire
  • double sided sticky tape, width 6mm  – https://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/red-liner-double-sided-clear-tape-6mm-x-3m/631561-1000
  • Cotton wool
  • Cotton thread to match your silk
  • Piece of felt that is 3inch x 3inches
  • Paper template, (this will be emailed)
  • Sharp pointy scissors
  • Clear General Purpose Glue
  • Scissors For silk cutting
  • Biro
  • Sharpie the colour of your silk
  • Small Bowl for Glue
  • Cheap hair spray
  • Foam pads (see below)
  • metal tweezers
  • Flower making tools – for the Poppy you will need:
  • 1 of the following will work for this technique
    • knife tool (see below if you are using Clover / soldering tool), or  (see pic)
    • French Flower Making Spade tool (this often comes as part of the set – see pic) or
    • Roller tool (which may come as part of a larger set and can be used with the Clover or Soldering tool)
  • And
    • Ball tools of at least 2 sizes, choice of 15mm, 25mm, 30 mm
  • method of heating (clover tool or soldering iron or hot plate – if using the french tools)

Preparation Work.

Please stiffen the Silk Abaca using PVA 1:4, once dry iron and then please cut out petals prior to class


Flower Tool Links  *** Warning check the despatch and delivery times on all these sites to make sure you allow plenty of time to receive your tools.  The tools brass tool heads that are shipped from Turkey and the Ukraine seem to have long estimated lead times on them so may cause problems***

Clover Heated Iron for heating following brass heads






Ball Tools Recommended sizes for rose petals. Sold as single heads, or supplier does full sets. She also has an Etsy site ,which might help if you are in the US or Australia


15mm, 25mm, 30 mm





Knife tool Recommended for leaves and lilies



Foam Pads

Soft pad for petal and hard pad for leaves


US seller on Etsy that makes single brass heads to go into soldering iron or clover tool.  You will have to check that they fit, but he seems very helpful if you want to check measurements with him before you order


This shop on Etsy does good price sets of both the brass heads that go in to heating tools and soldering irons, as well as the traditional French style flower making tolls that are heated over a flame or on a flat hob. They are based in Turkey

Another good value supplier in Ukraine. Lots of nice things on her site

Lots of tools in this shop. But may have long delivery times

French Flower Making Tools.  These are traditional cold tools that are heated over an open flame.. Although we would recommend heating on a flat electric hob for safety reasons

More links for flower tools and flower tool sets. UK and international



Prep work

  • Please stiffen abaca with PVA 1:4, dry then iron if needed
  • Using the template provided please cut out the pattern ensuring no pen marks are shown

You will leave with

  • A finished Chrysanthemum

All these techniques are bought together in this 3.5 hour workshop which is promised to be fun, interactive and enable students to confidently create lilies from silk.

These workshops will be limited to 10 people to ensure we can maintain a level of interaction. If we have a large demand – additional sessions will be scheduled.

Chance to test Zoom working correctly prior will also be available.

What our students said about our ‘Virtual Courses’

Was part of the virtual veiling course today (17/04). It was a fantastic opportunity to learn some veiling skills, conveyed over Zoom, in a virtual class environment. As ever, Jenny and Marie’s tutoring was easy to follow, inclusive for all participants, and left you wanting to learn more. No commute and learn from the comfort of your own home, with like minded individuals; what’s not to like! Heartily recommend you have a go. Debbie

I have just finished doing an online course with Jenny and it was fabulous. Nothing was lost by not doing it in person, I learnt so much in such a short amount of time. Going to book as many courses as I can, I cannot recommend Jenny enough Abbey, Isle of Man

Thanks so much for the veiling course this morning; I feel so much more confident now about making veiling for my hats, Amanda

Jenny and Marie, Absolutely loved this course! I was anxious about using the technology but as always you patiently took us through it. I think this is the future! I’ll keep an eye out for the next courses, Deb.

Had a great time taking part in Jenny and Marie’s virtual leather flower course on Friday. The format of the course worked so well, zoom played ball and I’m so happy with the results. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. Hannah

Loved the virtual veiling class on Monday, it was really clear and easy to follow, I’ve always had a blank spot with veiling finding it very tricky, it was actually so easy to follow online, I feel I’ve finally ‘broken my duck’! Would definitely recommend Jenny and Marie’s online classes. Fiona

Intro to veiling Really loved the veiling course. I think this is going to be something I have as a favourite too especially with the embellishment of the beads/crystals etc. Amanda

Just spent another few hours in the company of fellow millinery enthusiasts for another excellent tutorial with Jenny and Marie. Excellent value for money. Deb

I am not a lover of feathers but seized the opportunity to at least learn another technique.  This  course has really changed my mind about working with feathers and their potential as a trimming.  Clear concise  instructions with close up demonstrations. As a result of this I have already booked on the intermediate course for feathers. Can’t recommend Jenny’s tutorials enough. Deb

I joined the virtual veiling course and very much enjoyed it the whole experience. Jenny and Marie are fabulous teachers who ensure you come away with a new skill whether you are a beginner or experienced. It’s fun too. I’ve always wanted to be able to create a veiled piece as it adds such an impact. Now I can ! Thank you. Hilary

Was part of the virtual veiling course on 17/04, and the leather rose workshop on 24/4. Both courses were a fantastic opportunity to learn some new skills, conveyed over Zoom, in a virtual class environment. I’d been interested to understand how to add veiling, and being able to do that, and the leather rose workshop at home without any specialist tools was a real bonus. It was easy to order the veiling online, and Jenny sent out all the materials needed for the leather course (including the glue!). As ever, Jenny and Marie’s tutoring was simple to follow, inclusive for all participants, and left you wanting to learn more. No commute and learn from the comfort of your own home, with like minded individuals; what’s not to like! Heartily recommend you have a go and at one (if not more!) of the online classes. Debbie


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