The course will involve:

  • Blocking a small felt hat using the traditional methods of hand blocking with pins and steam.
  • Learning how to wire and line the inside with a petersham edging .
  • Creating various trims including felt; feathers, felt flowers, crinoline, bias strips, felt leaves, quills, felt or fabric bows.
  • An understanding of design, proportion, balance and the application of colour.
  • Professionally finishing your hat and how to attach an appropriate head fitting.

You will need:

3 colours of wool Capeline
.5 metre of cotton covered bendy wire
Glue gun
Matching petersham 1 metre
Up to 1. 5cm width curtain cord or calico or spare fabric that can be twisted for blocking
Long dressmaker pin and maybe a small hammer
Light weight silk for blocking the Lining
Button or small block (blocks are available to hire from the hat block library)

You will leave with:

  • Knowledge of the formation of the felt hoods and their creation.
  • A finished felt headpiece and skills to make more.
  • Inspiration and samples of various felt trims.
  • Ability to create a blocked lining
  • Information on suppliers and materials.

To see more photos of our students work on this course, please link to the following facebook page

Course Dates

Thursday 5th & Friday 6th November 2020