The session will cover the following:

  • Different types of pricing explained
  • Identifying your business overheads
  • How to calculate easily what you spend on materials
  • How identifying the number of making days per year is essential to a successful business
  • Identifying variables on the time you spend making
  • Discussion on how, what you want/need to earn affects your pricing
  • Discussion on how manipulate your labour costs in line with your speed of working and experience affects your costs
  • How to calculate you ‘Cost’ ‘Trade’ and ‘Retail’ price

An excel spreadsheet with inbuilt formulars of all the above will be included in this course and emailed to you directly along with the link to the recording showing a detailed presentation on the above (the template is available in different currencies please ask in the notes column in the check out when booking the course)

Also included are:

Tips on how to get the price you want for your millinery

Tips on how to cost millinery quickly and set a price list.

Currency Choice of 'Costing Template'

£, Euro's, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Aus Dollars