How does it work?

Core Modules – The costs of the core modules, up to 8 hours learning and an additional 4 hours 1-2-1 mentoring is £550

First you complete your core modules with Jenny.  Each of the four modules cover a different study area.  Each  includes an up to 2 hour pre recorded presentation showing you how you can be successful within each particular area of your millinery business.   Within this learning you are introduced to a series of tasks which are designed to provoke questions and allow you to assess and action the success criteria’s for your particular business.

As you progress you will develop a definitive plan of what you need to action in order to be successful.  Once you have completed a module and Jenny has digested your completed tasks you will have a 1 hour 1-2-1 zoom with her to help you understand what needs actioning for you to progress and enable you to benefit from jenny’s ideas, problem solving skills and expertise.

The core four modules are:

  • Establishing values, goals and objectives, back to basics – Do you have a viable business and establishing what you need your business to be.
  • Competition, Market and SWOT Analysis –  How this can be essential to your success
  • Understanding Your Customer –  Ensuring your business is going to deliver what you customer wants
  • Your Products – How to sell your product to your customer in the right place and at the right price, including costing spreadsheets

Add on Modules – The cost of each of the add on modules, up to 2 hours learning and the additional 1 hour 1-2-1 mentoring is £100

Once your have completed the initial 4 core modules you can pick any of the further modules depending on your business need, these will work in the same way and each include a 1 hours 1-2-1 zoom mentoring session

  • Branding and Identity  – Creating a successful brand
  • Your Customer Service  – The in’s and out’s of dealing with customer, what you really need to know about good customer service in a millinery business
  • Financial Planning and Forecasts – Including all the relevant template spreadsheets
  • Marketing Strategies – How can you market your business without it costing you

If you would like to sign up to all 8 of the modules at one time there is a reduced cost from £950 to £750

Once you have completed all the modules you will have access to a bonus final module which acts as a forward planning tool  for tracking your business

Once you have completed your chosen modules you are eligible for further mentoring sessions at £75 per hour.

Time Commitment

It is suggested that you put aside  2-5 hours a side in between modules to work on your individual business development tasks.   This is in addition to class and mentor time.

Individual Attention and Mentoring

For each module you will receive an hour of 1-2-1 mentoring (at a convenient time) from Jenny in relation to the module content, ensuring that you are getting the support you need to fulfil your individual business needs.


The costs of the core modules, up to 8 hours learning and an additional 4 hours 1-2-1 mentoring is £550

The cost of each of the add on modules, up to 2 hours learning and the additional 1 hour 1-2-1 mentoring is £100 (please note the additional modules are only available once the core modules have been completed)

If you are unable to make the investment up front then please get in touch and a payment plan can be created

Find out more

If you have questions or would like to explore with us over the phone if this is something that is right for you at the moment, please get in touch  We can show you some of the content you will be covering and have a chat about where you are with your current business journey.

Testimonials from previous students


Thank you for the module, Millinery Business, 10 weeks spent online with a lovely group, working through a business course specific to millinery.  It was a roadmap with practical elements that could be implemented straight away.  The course is full of information to put into use and use straight away.  Thank you Jenny and Marie for a wonderful course.
Mary, Australia

Jenny and Marie are unequivocally generous in sharing their knowledge, skill and expertise. This has been an invaluable 10-week course teaching me the business know how and, all the tricks of the trade for me to finally take the plunge and start my millinery business. In a very safe environment, Jenny and Marie provided guidance, reassurance and support which built my confidence and encouraged amazing comradery between everyone who also attended the course, all of which have been truly inspirational. Thank you.
Torie aka Victoria Frances

I think like a lot of people who see themselves as makers and creators, the business side of being a milliner was something that really worried me. However, having taken many of Jenny’s classes before and having total faith in the calm and communicative way she teaches, taking a business course run by her was an easy decision for me. At no point did I feel overwhelmed, on the contrary I felt eager and excited to learn more. I now feel confident in going forward with a business plan that I can make totally unique to me thanks to Jenny
Abby Isle of Man

A Testimonial to “The Business of Millinery” with Jenny Roberts

(The Rhyme of an Aged Milliner) – That was a gift from Susan!

Procrastination’s my skill, it’s Olympian level.
Making hats is my pleasure, a role that I revel.
The “Business of Millinery” was ignored; you could tell.
As the hats and hat boxes, continued to swell.

I need to sell my creations to lovers of hats
Where they naturally fit, with their habitat.
So, I signed up with Jenny, who shares many skills.
Procrastination no more, I can do this. I will.

With Goals, Values, Objectives and Marketing too
Competition and SWOT – a language I knew.
Understanding Customers and Products, I was back in my zone.
Service then Branding – it’s like being at home.

Planning, forecasting and doing the maths.
Remember – I was happy, just making my hats.
Ideas shared easily, not an ego in sight.
A millinery of hatters, seeing the light.

Social media came next, a whole new world opened.
Will we have time to create, we’ll be too busy posting,
Planning, reviewing, a website a goal.
Moving forward with speed, no longer a stroll

Support groups created, questions are posed,
Ideas, solutions are quickly proposed,
Our confidence grows, there’s belief in our craft,
This Business of Millinery course – It’s so very apt….

So, if you have pondered, questioned, considered
It just takes a call to have your answers delivered,
10 sessions isn’t long, your head may explode,
It just might be the route for your millinery road.

Anne MacDonald